Humble beginnings from a solo T-Shirt part -time printer, leading to a dream of a personal garment decoration business.

We are GKF PrintStudio, Personalised Clothing specialists, working with all types of customer to bring ideas and brands to life, creating bespoke custom wearable peronalised by you. Based in Paisley (Scotland), servicing Renfrewshire, Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

We are a one stop shop for all customised print and design on any garment. You name the garment and it can be customised. Garment decoration specialists; we are focussed on quality and an all-round customer experience. Let us work and get creative with you to create a real stand out garment for your club, party, team or business. Whether you already know what you want or just want a taste of what is available, we cater for all customers. We know the products, the prints and what looks good.

The goal is to create and collaborate with our customers to bring a high-quality wearable design to life!

Come work with us.



MPM Media — Working with GKF Printstudio has been a delight. I couldn't have asked for a better service and the end quality was top notch

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"Firm will help you dress to impress" — Paisley Daily Express